“Friends of the country”

We provide an opportunity to reverse the effects of brain drain. We connect overseas Pakistani healthcare professionals with volunteer opportunities in their homeland.


Over the past decades, Pakistan has consistently fallen short of meeting international standards for its health indicators.  A nation with over 197 million people, a fast population growth rate, and an ever-increasing burden of disease, Pakistan is amongst the 57 countries listed by WHO that have a critical health workforce deficiency. This shortage in the health workforce continues to be a fundamental challenge for us. A large number of health professionals leave our country each year leading to the phenomenon of ‘brain drain’, which has left the country with a serious deficit of skilled expertise.

4 in 10 Pakistanis have inadequate healthcare access


Physician demand is expected to grow by 17% by 2025.

We lack 0.4 million doctors and 1.6 million nurses

We need at least twice as many doctors and ten times more nurses to strengthen our health goals



Diaspora’- individuals of Pakistani origin living outside of Pakistan.  


We here at Yaran e Watan see every challenge as an opportunity. With 8.8 million Pakistanis currently living outside of Pakistan, a significant number of them have gained world-class expertise in their areas of work and continue to make Pakistan proud throughout the world. Moreover, whenever the need has arisen, the diaspora has contributed their efforts and resources towards development work in Pakistan. We aim to utilize the immense potential of the health diaspora of Pakistan, who are eager to contribute their skills and expertise for health sector development in Pakistan. 

8.8 Million

Pakistan has the world's 7th largest diaspora in the world


Over 30,000 Pakistani trained doctors work abroad



Yaran e Watan - Pakistan Diaspora Health Initiative

The diaspora and the Pakistani government can work together to fill the deficiencies in Pakistan’s health sector. Filling the health workforce gap is one of our key areas of focus here at Yaran e Watan. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our health care system and delivers support, whenever it is needed. Yaran e Watan will help ensure that the diaspora becomes more aware and have appropriate access to specific volunteer work in Pakistan. 

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