The ImPakt Foundation in Collaboration with Yaran e Watan

The ImPakt Foundation


IMPAKT FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization working to provide practical and sustainable solutions for improving medical access in Pakistan.  Existing medical infrastructure in Pakistan puts the poor and rural communities at a disadvantage by imposing extra costs of time and money while receiving questionable care.  On the other hand, Pakistani medical professionals serving these underserved populations suffer from outdated knowledge and techniques and hence their quality of care is sub-optimal.  


With ever-expanding 3G/4G services, we are leveraging telemedicine to connect specialist doctors in major cities (and around the world) with rural patients at their trusted local clinic reducing the wasted travel cost and time.



ImPakt Foundation aims to fight the challenge at several levels:

  1. Improving Access:

Through partner clinics and mobile dispensaries, ImPakt connects specialist care via Tele-medicine from qualified local/international doctors to local patients -- at their doorstep.

Results: ImPakt has served 7,000 patients in 4 remote districts in Sindh, Balochistan & Punjab.

  1. Health Education:

Partnering with and training trusted Public Health advocates, ImPakt conducts workshops and medical camps with the focus on enhancing awareness of healthy lifestyle and disease prevention

Results: ImPakt has trained a team of Madadgar volunteers who are trusted in their local communities.  With their help, we have launched several medical camps and hygiene workshops.  A massive Hepatitis-C was organized in villages of Muzaffargarh targeting awareness, testing and consults.

  1. Treatment Funding:

ImPakt Foundation collects and channels donor funds to deserving patients in need of medical treatment

Results: ImPakt has disbursed over 8 million rupees to deserving patients



COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 pandemic has just virtually changed and impacted every walk of life, healthcare is no exception. IMPAKT FOUNDATION in this hour of need through telemedicine clinics has played an active role in providing free of cost online consultation and medicines for four months to our patients through the funds generated from the community and diaspora donors. IMPAKT FOUNDATION provided online workshops to our volunteers (IMPAKT MADADGAR) for good practices of hand and hygiene, this information was later channelled to masses through these intermediaries.

Complete lockdown in metropolitan cities propelled us to initiate RATION DRIVE for daily wage workers. 700 families of daily wage workers were carefully screened through a rigorous process of selection on ground and it was made possible through the tireless efforts of IMPAKT MADADGAR enthusiastic volunteers.


Involvement with Yaran e Watan

We envision that IMPAKT FOUNDATION & YARAN E WATAN mutual collaboration will bring about a positive change for the underserved population of Pakistan through Diaspora Partners. Our objective is to facilitate overseas Pakistani physicians to contribute and help out the Pakistani people, in any of the following ways:


Connecting overseas medical professionals with local demand:

ImPakt Foundation aims to serve medical professionals who wish to give back to their homeland by facilitating with local needs.  Because we understand different modes of service may appeal, ImPakt Foundation can provide:

  1. Clinical services setup: Visiting physicians can be setup with clinics or medical camps according to their specifications to do pro-bono patient consults or do procedures/surgeries.  We can arrange for local physicians to gather pre-screened patients that may benefit from these services.

  1. Tele-consults: Needy patients can be provided consults at the convenience of the physician abroad.

  1. Medical education: ImPakt can link with local medical colleges to arrange for their students to benefit from lectures of respected international doctors.  This can be both in-person or tele-education.

  1. Research Collaboration: Resource, financial and cultural constraints stunt original research in Pakistan.  International researchers could help improve this by imparting research skills via collaborations with local professionals or students in the form of running joint local studies or research grants.  Students wishing to go abroad could benefit highly from publishing.


Volunteer Opportunities

IMPAKT MADADGAR is the volunteer wing of IMPAKT FOUNDATION. Our Volunteers have always stood up to the challenges pertaining to underserved rural or urban areas of Pakistan. We are immensely proud of the support provided by the volunteers in these testing times. Banking on the commitment of our team, foundation has launched three mega initiatives mental health ambassadors, hepatitis screening and well-baby clinics. 

We are waiting eagerly to welcome enthusiastic/ experienced Specialist in the field of Diabetology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Paediatrician, Psychology, Psychiatry, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology and Gynaecology to supplement the efforts of on ground team.

Engagements Update

We have been receiving the applications from diaspora partners as well as from local specialist which is very encouraging for the vision of providing quality healthcare to underserved population. ImPakT Foundation feels confident that recently launched initiatives will bring in a lot of opportunities to Clinicians who have joined and those who will be joining us through Yaran e Watan platform and will be satisfied for playing their part in being major players as stimulus of change for healthcare standards in underserved areas.

We, at ImPakt Foundation, are working towards a better Pakistan.  We need your help.  If you are interested in ImPakting for a better Pakistan, please contact us.