oladoc in collaboration with Yaran e Watan



oladoc is Pakistan’s largest online doctor booking platform which was created to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by online appointments and most recently, Video Consultation. We have a network of 6,000+ specialists, all belonging to different specialties from all over Pakistan. We target the masses as mobile phones have become a common commodity in Pakistan and anyone can use our services.


COVID-19 Response

After the Covid-19 lockdown, we realized that we need to help those patients who are in need of medical attention but cannot go to the hospital. So, our team created a Facebook group by the name Doctors Consultation & Health Advice to get patient queries answered by specialist doctors. We also started Video Consultations so that patients can get in touch with a doctor from the comfort of their home.


Involvement with Yaran e Watan

Our collaboration with Yaran e Watan was based on the need for more doctors to consult with patients online. We hoped to recruit General Physicians, Nutritionists, and Psychologists.


Volunteer Opportunities

We posted recruitment of  3 categories of doctors which are general physicians, nutritionists, and psychologists.


Engagements Update

We were able to shortlist 5 General Physicians. Our team got in touch with them but the problem we faced was that firstly, it is difficult to get in touch with doctors overseas on the phone. Secondly, the time difference between us and them made it difficult for us to connect with them.


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