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Eco Pakistan

ECO Pakistan - Working to increase community health awareness through digital means


We are a community-based organization focused on helping and making Pakistan a better, happier, healthier, and eco-friendly place. Eco-Pakistan, with the help of our volunteer staff, organizes community health and safety awareness events and in-depth E-training sessions for health and safety professionals,volunteers, industrial workers and the public through digital social media broadcast services. We help through training volunteers on disease prevention and community education on preventive health practices. We accomplish our goals with the help of our supporters and volunteers. Eco Pakistan’s continual support and assistance powered by & Mir digital academy enables us to develop videos for public health awareness. will soon need licensing to launch a satellite-based health channel for education and health awareness.

Dr. Mir Zafar Ali founded ECO-Pakistan in 2019, a qualified health professional from Jinnah Sindh Medical University, formerly known as Sindh Medical College, with extensive experience in trauma surgery, accident prevention, telemedicine, and occupational health and safety qualified from the UK. He has worked for nationally and internationally reputed companies, extending advice on health management, and providing training on occupational health, industrial safety and infection control to the senior industry professionals, managers, shop floor supervisors, and workers. Dr. Zafar established a platform “ECO-Pakistan” with a team of qualified experts and professionals to provide consultancy and lectures on the subject of preventive health practices, psychological health, physical health, well-being, and safety of Pakistani citizens working in the industrial sector.

ECO-Pakistan started to provide telehealth and  lectures/talks  on a volunteer basis to  educate professionals and the public especially on the subject of COVID-19 pandemic management. These lectures/talks give insight into the subject of communicable diseases, precautions/control measures (including engineering controls) and infection control. to ensure the health and safety of workers, to revive  industrial activities and revitalize the nation’s economy in a post-COVID 19/post lock-down scenario. ECO-Pakistan providing free training on the following topics:


Eco-Pakistan Involvement with Yaran e Watan

On May 14th 2020, Eco-Pakistan became one of the local organizations to partner with Yaran e Watan, to engage Pakistani overseas doctors, expanding on our mission to make it possible to deliver health education and preventive health practices for all in a reasonable & convenient way, with the use of digital technology options accessible to every single resident of Pakistan.


Yaran e Watan is a brilliant initiative in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. With his health and information technology team, Yaran e Watan has made possible to create a network of overseas Pakistani health professionals to engage with and reinforce the Pakistani health workforce. It has developed a bridge to utilize knowledge and skills of overseas professionals for management of COVID-19 and other health crises in the future, to support each other and share knowledge through this forum. As a member organization of Yaran e Watan, Eco-Pakistan created the following health and research-related volunteer opportunities:


     Public Health Professionals      Psychiatrist/ Psychologist/ Mental health Expert
     Infaectious Disease Expert      Obstetrics & Gynecology
     Critical Care Expert      Anesthesiology
     Emergency Medicine Expert      Public Health  Lecturer
     Internal Medicine Expert      Research Pharmacist
     Environmental Health Professional      Maternal and Child Health Researcher
     Health Policy Expert      Primary Health Care Expert



Engagements Update

In the first phase, we received over 72 applications. 34 health professionals have been onboarded till date (24 from Yaran e Watan and 10 who are ECO-Pakistan members)  and  more are being added. Health professionals recruited through Yaran e watan together with the team of doctors from Eco-Pakistan will plan for phase II to deliver community health awareness and training of Pakistani health professionals. With an enormous range of specialties, experience and exceptional knowledge, they will be assisting us with online training sessions and will share updated practices for COVID-19 and other diseases.


Eco-Pakistan Educating the Community and Industrial Sector about COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We educate the community in accordance with the health & safety legislation and national guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and NIH. It is our responsibility to ensure the health and wellbeing of the workers' team and their family members. We recommended introducing a COVID-19 risk assessment, which can be continuously reviewed as the situation changes. The risk assessment should include:

  • The persons at risk
  • Existing risk controls in place, any risks your employees face as a result of working for your company
  • A risk evaluation key
  • Any further action if needed
  • Control measures in place
  • Importance of occupational health and community health
  • Use of PPE’s and maintaining distance to prevent the spread of infections