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doctHERs is a digital health platform that matches the underutilized capacity of female doctors (who otherwise would be excluded from the workforce) to the unmet needs of health consumers via nurse-assisted technology such as telemedicine. The organization recruits, equips, and trains female frontline workers (nurses, midwives, lady health workers) and deploys them in factories, corporate offices, clinics, and ambulances. These trusted intermediaries perform sophisticated diagnostic and interventional procedures through AI(Artificial Intelligence)-enabled telemedicine in real-time, under the clinical supervision of remotely located female doctors.


COVID-19 Response

As a health tech company that aims to reintegrate female healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and community health workers back into the workforce, we have taken a number of measures to support them during this pandemic.

The category of our frontline staff most at risk in this pandemic is our community health worker force. As a safety measure and in compliance with government and WHO advisories, we decided to halt all field operations within our community health projects across Pakistan where large teams of female health workers provide door to door tech-enabled telemedicine services for their own safety. We followed this up by providing them the awareness of the latest developments of the virus including preventative measures for themselves and their communities. We also arranged for PPEs for them so that when the operations resume, they themselves are protected in the first place.

Back in April, doctHERs partnered with oladoc, an online appointment booking platform, to create a community group on Facebook as the excessive pressure had debilitated Pakistan’s weak healthcare infrastructure, while the partial to full lockdown in various cities has created severe accessibility issues for those who need medical assistance. This group had more than 50k people who had access to doctHERs certified GPs giving out free consultations helping people in crisis.

doctHERs has also partnered with the Punjab government, the Punjab Governor’s telemedicine initiative, the University of Health Sciences, Lahore (UHS), and the Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF).

Additionally, doctHERs joined hands with DVAGO, a leading pharmacy chain in Pakistan, to conduct free consultations for their customers. While their customers can signup for consultations calling their helpline, our doctors will do video consults.


Involvement with Yaran e Watan

doctHERs has been involved in helping the community at large since the pandemic started. Yaran e Watan was another big opportunity that doctHERs couldn’t miss due to the benefits it was bringing at large, we saw help which would engage overseas Pakistani doctors to help their home nation from the comfort of either their home or their hospital/clinic. Their experience and skills are too valuable to help our doctors here in this time of need where even small information can make a huge difference in helping someone out.


Volunteer Opportunities

As our organization has multiple specialists working with us, we posted openings for Psychologists, to help us with the mental health issues that people are facing in Pakistan due to the lockdown and pandemic. Pharmacists, help us with the training and assisting of the frontline health workers who are working in the hospitals. Medical Doctor, to help us with the sharing of valuable info on the betterment precautions and treatments for several diseases. Public Health Professionals, to help us create better processes and SOPs to help keep everyone around us safe and healthy.


Engagements Update

We have been receiving the applications and most of them are very useful and relevant, but we have observed that not just diaspora, but even local doctors have been applying (which is a very good thing that they want to help but they need to understand that this is for diaspora only). Also, some of the locals we have witnessed are applying like this is a job opportunity for them (which it is not). The rest of it has been very positive and we have moved towards recruiting some people. We are planning for several trainings to the staff and the frontline health workers on how their skills can help us create better processes, and better ways to do things.


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